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Woodworking With Children

Woodworking with children is a wonderful idea. In modern times, as the kids grow up, they all leave their parents and go on to lead their own separate lives. Parents thus have very little time with them. But that’s not all. Most parents are now so
busy with their work commitments and social life that they hardly have much
time left for their kids. Any bonding opportunity is certainly welcome. Woodworking presents a wonderful opportunity. The two of you can work together on a project and build something worthwhile. This team-effort is sure to strengthen the bond.

However do remember, woodworking is not without risks. You will probably have to use a few power tools. The use of electricity is always hazardous. There are other issues too. There are some tools that can cause injury both to the parent and the child, even if the child is not using it himself. And so, you must always be careful about what you are using, and how you are doing it. Safety is obviously of paramount importance here.

Here are some guidelines that you will need to follow.


  1. There are many plans for woodworking that you can work on with your child. However, never select one in haste, or show any hurry when you are actually doing the job. Use a wooden pencil to familiarize a child with wood. Break it into two and show the wooden pieces to the child. Allow the child to see the texture of the wood by examining the inside of the wooden pieces. Run a pencil through the sharpener to show how the wood is cut finely
    till a new lead appears. In fact, the pencil sharpener may be considered the child’s first woodworking tool.
  2. Your next step is to show the proper use of nails and screws. Use a manual screwdriver first to fix two thin pieces of wood. You may introduce the child to the power screwdriver at the next session. There are child-size tools available with some reputed hardware stores.
  3. Take extra precautions when you are introducing a power-saw to the child. Explain why it is important to take precautions while using high speed wood cutting tools. Explain the importance of using ear and eye protection implements when using a power-saw.
  4. Since children above the age group of 4 would be eligible for using woodworking tools, they should be familiarized with most
    of these items. The chisel is considered to be the most useful tool. You should
    show a few types of chisels and explain how they are to be used.
  5. During the elementary teaching process, it is essential that the child should know how to use the tools correctly. You can communicate
    the method through printed charts by keeping their displayed at strategic
    points in your workspace.

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