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Bird Tables

Constructing a bird table from plans for wood is something every woodworker should do. It is a very easy little project and can be constructed mainly from off cuts from other projects.

Again there are varying designs and you can add your own personal
touch. You can make just a plan one maybe with little perches on the side or
you can go big and flash and make one with a roof. I have seen some made which
incorporate a bird box in the loft space of the table although I’m not too sure
if this is workable due to other birds coming and going while mummy bird is
laying her eggs upstairs! But it did look impressive.

You need to bear in mind that a humble bird table provides a safe environment for birds to feed away from their predators. It needs to be sited away from anything such as a cat might be able to pounce from. It is therefore best to keep it a minimum of 6’ (1.8m) away from walls and trees. Don’t forget though ideally you need to site it so that you can see it from a window of the house.

If you do use a wood treatment on the finished house then
make sure its water based and thoroughly dry before you use the table.

If you decide to put a roof on it then that too can either
be simple board or you can make it a bit fancier by cutting small tiles with a
fret saw, time consuming but it does enhance the finished look. Of course you
can just put some roofing felt across it which is more than adequate. If you
fancy a green alternative then you can cover the roof with sedum. This is a
plant that withstands drought and poor soil conditions. You simply need to edge
the roof with some battens cover the roof with plastic polythene sheeting then
to that fix a water retentive membrane with galvanised nails. Then cover the
roof with Sedum matting, add some slow release fertiliser and water. This will
make the bird table more attractive for you and the local wildlife. However the
downside to this is trying to find sensibly priced Sedum matting. You don’t
need that much but to order online is very expensive. Best thing would be to
see if your local garden centre can supply some.

Always keep the table clean as it can harbour disease if you
don’t. Always brush away old food when putting new feed out. It is recommended
that you also clean it every couple of weeks with a mild disinfectant.

Don’t forget some hooks from the bottom for hanging feeders too.

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